Ford Mondeo

ford mondeoIt was a pleasant surprise to see this parked on the driveway one morning before my trip. I’d been given a Zetec Business edition 2 litre TDI-140 and I must say that this is probably the sweet-spot in the range.

Where do I start? The ford mondeo has come a long way! There is something rather incredible about this car. It is one of the few cars on the road that I simply can’t find a bad thing to say about. Even from the outside, the car is brilliantly proportioned, and on the inside it just gets better from there.

The sitting position is fantastic. Its comfy for long journeys, yet provides you with an engaging drive. The seats are supportive and sporty without being firm and uncomfortable. The Steering wheel is genius. It has a uniquely sporting feel to it verging on the smaller side, and it’s profile it absolutely spot on. In addition, the steering geometry provides a sporty feel. All of the controls have a distinctly high-quality feel to them, and the level of equipment is great, including Digital Radio, Sat nav, Bluetooth (phone and audio streaming) iPod control, Aux line in, parking sensors, cruise control and more. The engine is a peach – plenty of torque and able to deliver a decent 50+ mpg (combined) make this  a fantastic all-rounder. I had the car for a week and was actually disappointed that I had to hand it back.

This car does all things really well. It can cruise on the motorway for hundreds of miles, or really engage you on twisty roads. The boot is cavernous, the rear leg room is better than a Jag XJ. It’s one of the few cars that I would happily swap my own car for – and that’s saying something as I drive a 7 Series BMW!


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