Powermat Wireless charging

I found myself in Starbucks today (a frequent occurrence for me) and there installed in the tables were PowerMac Wireless charging stations. For those devices that don’t inherently support wireless charging, you can pick up a connector for your phone at the end of the table, clip it on and then place your mobile on the table to charge it. The idea being that one day, all wireless devices will operate this way with no connectors to break and wireless charging available everywhere.. No more lost or forgotten chargers, and no more broken connectors forcing replacement devices. Wireless charging is actually quite a simple principal – induction. A coil in the Powermat induces a voltage in a coil in the phone or other device.

Main-AppAs my phone does not inherently support wireless charging Powermat provide a number of adaptors (yes I know this sounds like it defeats the entire purpose) and there was a stack at the end of the table. After having attached the right adaptor to my phone, I then placed the phone and the adaptor on the Powermat to charge my phone.

I must say that there were a number of unexpected experiences. The first was that the phone did not charge with the adaptor up the wrong way. Or let me say that another way, the adaptor must be a certain way up on the table or it won’t charge. The second was that it appeared to be hypersensitive about where it was placed. On several occasions, I placed the unit on the table and the light cam on initially but then went off again – and then didn’t charge – almost as if it was slightly out of some kind of alignment.

I managed to charge my phone to 100% quite quickly (although it was only at 90% before I started charging it) but I’m not yet convinced whether my experience would have been just the same had Starbucks just provided some charging cables and a USB socket on the table.

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