Microsoft OneNote

Most people know of Microsoft for its windows operating system and its Office Productivity Suite. In addition, its consumer business developing and selling one of the world’s leading Games platforms – the Microsoft X-Box. In addition people might be aware that they make a variety of other software including project management, Technical Drawing, Photograph collages, Publishing, and mapping. However what is probably one of the least known applications that Microsoft provides is OneNote.

OnceNoteOneNote is arguably Microsoft’s most powerful Application. OneNote has notebooks that have categories and each category can have multiple pages (nested if you wish) for starters, this creates a really powerful way to collate your notes and information. But this is only just the start. OneNote includes powerful sharing and collaboration features allowing you to collaborate in real time with other people anywhere on the planet. That means you can share a notebook with other people and send them an invite via email. They can then view and edit the notebook at the same time you are viewing and editing it – adding text, graphics or drawing directly on the pages with a stylus.

For tablets and other touch enabled devices, it supports highlighting and pen input devices allowing you to write using a pen and then getting OneNote to convert your handwriting to text afterwards. OneNote also has screen clipping tools that allow you to capture any area of the screen and embed these directly in your notes. There are many (many!) more features of OneNote including translation, Drawing, Recording and embedding Audio & Video, and exporting to other applications in native formats like Word
OneNote will Synchronise your notebooks and all edits across all of your devices (and all those you share notebooks with) and it is available for Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and directly on the Web.

I now use OneNote extensively and am starting to wonder how I ever coped without it?! Probably the most surprising thing about it is the price. Its Free!

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