Apple’s “Its Showtime” – oh no it isn’t!

It's ShowtimeNow I am not one to usually moan. I am a glass half full person. But my experience of trying to watch the Apple live streaming webcast was comical – bordering on embarrassing!

To set the scene, here in the UK I have an 80mb Broadband circuit to my house with a 20mb upload (and nothing else using the connection before you ask!). I had got home, and opened the “Apple Events” icon on my AppleTV (which incidentally is the latest generation and has up to date firmware). and just before the allotted time, I was able to open the live stream and start watching as they got the last people sat down for the session to start. And then it all started to go wrong…

The stream stopped and failed a number of times. Either going back a few seconds, or showing in real time (i.e.. jumping forward and missing seconds or minutes) or displayed a message telling me that there had been an error and to try again. This happened repeatedly and I was unable to watch more than about 45 seconds at the most before a new error was received. However I had my trusty iPad as a backup! – informed before the event that it would only stream on an Apple device, I had an iPad 2 fully patched and up to date (running the latest iOS 7.1.2) with Safari open showing the countdown on Apple’s homepage and ready to stream. Would this now work?

In a word – no. The iPad seemed to have a whole host of issues of its own – some of which were rather surprising to say the least! – The stream would start (presumably picking up where we were in real time) and then like the AppleTV would fail. When it did, it either error’d telling me that I wasn’t authorised to access the website  “…..” or even more surprisingly crashed safari completely causing it to quite to the iPad homescreen. I tried turning the iPad off and back on, quitting all other open apps and ensuring Safari was the only app running and the iPad still kept crashing. So the upshot was that despite having a ludicrously fast broadband and multiple Apple products I was still unable to watch Apple’s broadcast.

Now I know that some of you will jump to the defence of Apple and tell me that the sheer demand could not possibly be met and that they were streaming one of the most anticipated broadcasts this year. However – they knew this before the event. They are “Apple” one of the richest and most powerful technology companies on the planet and for them to have a “technology problem/failure” is quite frankly poor! This was afterall their primary marketing platform

What was your experience? Did you try to watch the live stream? did it work for you? What did you think? Let me know how you got on.

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