Printing from everything for next to nothing.

There’s nothing worse than buying a device and discovering it doesn’t work with what you already have. In todays home we have phones, tablets, Laptops, PC’s and Chromebooks. If if we don’t have some of these now, chances are we will soon! So buying a printer becomes an ever more complicated affair.

I recently decided that although I already had a good laser printer which is very cheap to run, I wanted to print out more pictures of the kids and needed a colour printer. Now anyone who knows me will tell you that I am one for doing my homework and wanted to make sure whatever I chose was going to work with everything I have now and as far as possible, whatever I might use in the future. What I found not only shocked me, but a number of friends so much so that they all asked me to go out and get them one straight away!

Envy 4500

This is the HP Envy 4500. Its completely wireless so you can plug it in anywhere in range of your wireless router. It supports AirPrint and works seamlessly from iPhones & iPads instantly. It installs on a Mac without drivers instantly and Windows finds and installs everything without you having to insert a disc. It is a fully cloud ready printer allowing you to send content to the printer using a unique email address that will allow you (or anyone else you allow) to print to it from anywhere in the world. It supports Google’s cloud print natively allowing you to print from Chromebooks or Chrome running on any computer from anywhere in the world.

The App for iPhone and iPad allows you to check on the ink levels, control the printer and scan directly to the device itself allowing you the full benefits of the printer without having to touch a PC (or Mac!)

As if all that wasn’t good enough, its also eligible for HPs instant-ink programme. This allows the printer to order its own ink before it runs out while at the same time saving you up to 70% on ink costs by cutting out both the wholesaler and the retailer.

The price for all this? £49 which is hard to believe I know. As I mentioned earlier, since buying this, I have had to buy loads more for my friends and family who all seem to want one and are all equally stunned  by the amazing features and incredible value for money.

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1 Response to Printing from everything for next to nothing.

  1. ltsblogstaff says:

    You are lucky to find a good printer.

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