An epic journey…

Wake in Bedford, breakfast in Calais, lunch in Paris, dinner in the alps!

Only two days before we set off we had discovered that Isaac’s passport had expired which left us wondering if we would in fact be able to go on our skiing trip at all. After having resolved that problem on Thursday (turning up at the Peterborough IPS office with no application form, no photos and no appointment to get a same day passport for Isaac – lets just say the impossible was made possible for us that day!) we now had the task of a 730 mile journey on a car with two small children to do in a day!

We were up a t3 in the morning and made it down to the euro tunnel in good time – both the kids were excited (if that’s even possible for a 19 month old girl at 3 in the morning?!) and we set off for our days adventure.

Once we arrived in France and set off on our drive, Bec and I agreed to detour through Paris for lunch. We thought that this would be a great opportunity for the kids and a nice venue for lunch (under the Eiffel Tower). We arrived in Paris in good time and followed the co-pilot to the Eiffel Tower – who took us via the Arc de Triomphe!! For anyone who has never driven round the Arc de Triomphe this is scary and mind bending daft as those actually on the roundabout have to give way to those who wish to join it therefore proving a problem for those who wish to get off! Needless to say that was actually a relatively easy experience, as was parking very close to the Eiffel Tower to have lunch. For those of you reading this blog, I can tell you that if you can drive in Cambridge you can easily drive in Paris!!!

After lunch we then set off on the rest of the marathon of a journey. We had snow, rain, fog and sunshine in various parts of the country on our way down to Morzine where we arrived at about 9pm. Bec was her usual AMAZING self and kept the children occupied for the entire journey which was no mean feat! She had little projects on the go in the back for them as we ploughed on mile after mile.

One last point – for any of you thinking of doing the same kind of journey a few points.
1, there’s nothing like preparation – Bec was able to keep two small children entertained for close on to 18 hours of travel time by preparing things before hand
2, by having a good set of winter / snow tyres we didn’t even notice the bad weather underfoot
3, a VW touran is an amazing vehicle! Plenty of space for all we needed, comfortable, and fully loaded the 2.0 TDI engine was still sprightly while returning 43mpg on average for the run (which for something with the aerodynamics of a brick is rather amazing while travelling at 80mph!)
4, prepare to crash the following day! – you will be knackered! Not even will power will save you from this!
5, try not to recover from the journey while enjoying toothache! It won’t help you sleep, rest or recover!

More of our snow adventures to follow….

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