iOS 5 Security …. or lack of!

In December last year, I wrote a post highlighting the security flaw in iOS 4 enabling the lock screen to be overcome by a simple procedure. Here we are nearly a year later, and with the latest release of Apple’s iOS 5 we find ourselves right back where we started.

On an iPad 2 you can bypass the security of the lock screen by the following procedure:
Hold down the power button until the power-off screen is displayed
Close and re-open Apple’s Smart-cover
Press the Cancel button
At this stage the iPad2 will be unlocked and you will have access to the foreground application that was in use prior to device being locked. Although this may at first appear to be a limited hack, judging by user habits and behaviour, email is most likely to be the application that you find you are presented with which is arguably the most sensitive you could lose control of! Take a look…

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